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Bucks County Apiaries wants you to follow along in our amazing adventure in raising honeybees. We are sure the adventure will be exciting and interesting to share and experience. I hope that you enjoy following as much as I enjoy sharing and please feel free to ask questions and share your interest in Bee keeping.


Our honey is "hive to table" this means I do not heat or process my honey in any way. It is as fresh from the hive as you can get. I extract the honey from the comb, pass it through a screen, and put in containers. That is it, nothing more or less. Colors, clarity and flavors can change with the blooms and give a wonderful variety of taste.  

There are many claims and research that have shown that eating raw honey has helped build the immune system, treat allergies, aid in digestion, and even help heal wounds. Honey is full of natural enzymes and compounds that are good for the body; inside and out. Honey also has anti-fungal properties and will never go bad. Honey was found in ancient tombs in Egypt that were thousands of years old and was still edible. I myself started using and continue to use honey and I have been seasonal allergy free for the past two years after being tortured by allergies since I was a child. For what it's worth I have only had one "cold" in the past two years.

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