Notes from the Bee Keeper!


August 16 - National Honey Bee Day


August 3 - This is a picture of another Beekeeper's hive after nearby spraying, such a shame to see loss like this!


July 21 - Did you know that propolis is collected by honeybees from trees, the sticky resin is mixed with wax to make a sticky glue. The bees use this to seal cracks and repair their hive. It is used by humans as a health aid, and as the basis for fine wood varnishes.


July 14 - Did you know the "ouch" part of the honeybee. Although sharp pain and some swelling and itching are natural reactions to a honeybee sting, a small percentage of individuals are highly allergic to bee venom. "Bee venom therapy" is widely practiced overseas and by some in the USA to address health problems such as arthritis, neuralgia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and even MS.


July 2 - Did you know that a honey bee colony can contain up to 60,000 bees at its peak. It takes a lot of bees to get all the work done. Nurse bees care for the young, while the queen's attendant workers bathe and feed her. Guard bees stand watch at the door. Construction workers build the beeswax foundation in which the queen lays eggs and the workers store honey. Undertakers carry the dead from the hive. Foragers must bring back enough pollen and nectar to feed the entire community.


June 28  - Welcoming three new additions to the Apiary


June 25 - Did you know that on average, a worker bee in the summer lasts six to eight weeks. Their most common cause of death is wearing their wings out. During that six to eight-week period, their average honey production is 1/12 of a teaspoon. In that short lifetime, they fly the equivalent of 1 1/2 times the circumference of the earth.


June 9 - so who is ready for some fresh honey....its almost time!


May 30 - caught a new swarm of bees


May 12 - growth continues and we welcome a split


April 25 - all 6 new queens were released in three days or less and are doing great! Great start to the season.


April 19 - new "homes" arriving today. Six installed and all is good.


April 2 - Its the time of year when honey bees can swarm in search of a new home. If you happen to see a swarm, lease contact a local beekeeper to save them.


March 22 - Her Majesty is laying very well and the girls are gathering lots of pollen, great inspection today! Plenty of honey stores left over from the winter.


March 15 - pollin collection today by color; a lot of dark and light tan, dark orange and red, they are very productive on this warm March day.


March 12 - it looks very promising for honey this year, time will tell!


March 11 - higher temperatures today and the "girls" have finally found some food.


February 24 - we have lost one hive to the extreme cold...let's hope the rest hang on until spring.


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